Protank 2 Leaking – Why Leaks Occur and How to Fix Them

The Protank 2 leaking problem has caused many users to struggle with their device. When the liquid leaks, a person will not want to continue using the product because they feel as if it is broken.


Thankfully, there are many users that have experienced this in the past and there are a plethora of ways to ensure that leaking never occurs again.

Leaking with Low Liquid

When the liquid gets low, many users will notice that the device starts leaking. This is because of the pressure that is found within the device. When the liquid is not present, the pressure is too much for the sealant and the TOOIO Protank 2 begins to leak. The easy solution to this problem is to keep the liquid levels high so that the leak never begins. The right time to fill up the liquid will be when it has reached below 50 percent capacity.

Leaking Near Connections

When changing or attaching parts, they all need to be screwed together tight enough so that the liquid never escapes. If liquid escapes near a connection, this is a sign that the product was not assembled correctly. What needs to occur at this time is for the user to drain all of the liquid and clean the product. Now, disassemble every piece and start the assembly process again. This time, ensure that all of the pieces fit together snug and that there are no visual gaps between connections. This is more than enough to fix this issues.

Coil Resistance

When leaking will not stop, it may be a sign that there is a coil issue. Typically, too much resistance is produced, which causes the coils to make the product leak. Thankfully, different coils can be purchased and put in their place. A person may want to try a less resistant coil so that they never have to worry about the resistance causing a leak. These coils are easily purchased and able to be swapped out easily.

The TOOIO Protank 2 leaking problems commonly seen are easy to be fixed. While new users will find this to be a hassle, others know that other brands cause far worse problems. However, if a hole is present, the product may still have its warranty intact so that the user can simply ask for a replacement. The most common leaking problems tend to be the fault of the user.

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