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Thankfully, there are many users that have experienced this in the past and there are a plethora of ways to ensure that leaking never occurs again.

Leaking with Low Liquid

When the liquid gets low, many users will notice that the device starts leaking. This is because of the pressure that is found within the device. When the liquid is not present, the pressure is too much for the sealant and the TOOIO Protank 2 begins to leak. The easy solution to this problem is to keep the liquid levels high so that the leak never begins. The right time to fill up the liquid will be when it has reached below 50 percent capacity.

Leaking Near Connections

When changing or attaching parts, they all need to be screwed together tight enough so that the liquid never escapes. If liquid escapes near a connection, this is a sign that the product was not assembled correctly. What needs to occur at this time is for the user to drain all of the liquid and clean the product. Now, disassemble every piece and start the assembly process again. This time, ensure that all of the pieces fit together snug and that there are no visual gaps between connections. This is more than enough to fix this issues.

Coil Resistance

When leaking will not stop, it may be a sign that there is a coil issue. Typically, too much resistance is produced, which causes the coils to make the product leak. Thankfully, different coils can be purchased and put in their place. A person may want to try a less resistant coil so that they never have to worry about the resistance causing a leak. These coils are easily purchased and able to be swapped out easily.

The TOOIO Protank 2 leaking problems commonly seen are easy to be fixed. While new users will find this to be a hassle, others know that other brands cause far worse problems. However, if a hole is present, the product may still have its warranty intact so that the user can simply ask for a replacement. The most common leaking problems tend to be the fault of the user.

Electronic Cigarette – Smoking And Flu

Outbreaks of epidemics and the whole of such diseases as acute respiratory disease, flue and others.

Physicians state that people who smoke are more susceptible to microorganisms that cause winter ailments. First of all, this is due to less resistance of the body’s inability to timely destroy alien viruses and bacteria. One of the main promoters of human immunity is considered vitamin C. An important feature is that it is sufficiently quickly broken down and removed from the body. In a smoker, this process takes place at an accelerated pace. For this reason, the immune system loses the necessary substances. In such circumstances, it can not effectively protect human health in the fight against viruses. Increased intake of vitamin C can not be considered a solution. The fact that tobacco contains cadmium. This heavy metal is the interaction with vitamin C may provoke the emergence of a much more serious diseases such as cancer. That is why the shortfall of a substance can be downright dangerous.

Smoking during illness also dangerous. In the research of U.S. scientists have proved that the immune system of a smoker rather reacts specifically to the distribution of microorganisms. Tissue organs are affected much more severely. Decision for the person who wants to strengthen the immune system, or to get rid of colds is to abstain from smoking, and ideally renunciation of habit. There is another alternative such as using the electronic cigarette. Firstly, electronic cigarettes contain no harmful compounds that may hinder the absorption of vitamin C.

In addition, the body of the person using the e-cigarette combustion products do not fall and other harmful substances. An additional effect of smoking electronic considered inhalation, have a positive effect on the organs of breathing air. Using electronic cigarettes reduces the probability of acute respiratory infections, SARS, flue and other ailments, as well as simplifies the course of these diseases.

Is Electronic Cigarettes are Dangerous?

However, some people tend to believe in the word. But how do things stand with the devices actually?

To understand whether electronic cigarettes are dangerous, it is important to have an idea about the general mechanisms of effects of smoking on the human body. Especially because they studied medicine in some detail.

The main component of the electronic cigarette liquid is purified nicotine. As is known, this substance affects the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. However, since the e-product is contained in purified form, its negative effect is mitigated when smoked.

Electronic cigarette is dangerous only because its use causes heart palpitations, helps to stimulate the nervous system . This effect arises due to the ingress of nicotine in the blood. Substance excreted for 2 hours, after which the state organs and systems bounces.

With steam electronic device into the human body gets about 80 substances. For comparison, tobacco products is a supplier of 4000 harmful compounds.

In a conventional cigarette, has a plurality of components which, unlike nicotine, are retained in the body for a long time. Poisons, toxins, carcinogens and tar. Such constituents of tobacco smoke is not only penetrate into the lungs: mucosal and blood they spread throughout the body. They accumulate in the bodies provoke the development of various diseases, including cancer.

Modern electronic cigarettes do not contain the composition of such components. Therefore, regular cigarettes are much more dangerous than electronic cigarette. Examine the table below, and you can verify this.


A Regular Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

1. Composition

More than 4,000 harmful substances, 50% of which are the products of combustion

Nicotine, water, propylene glycol, flavors

2. Particularly dangerous substances in

From 40 to 80 species of carcinogens


3. Odor

Unpleasant tobacco odor from the clothes, hands, mouth

In the process of smoking occurs pleasant aroma, which dissolves in the air, leaving no odor

4. Effect of passive smoking

Yes. Especially dangerous is smoking in the presence of children, pregnant women, allergies

No. Therefore, e-cigarettes are not banned in public places

5. Effect on teeth

Smoking causes darkening of the enamel, promotes the formation of plaque and tartar



The rise in popularity of e-products often leads to the fact that non-smokers are willing to become owners of such devices. Manufacturers do not recommend to follow a similar fashion. Danger of Smoking electronic cigarettes is that they may inadvertently acquire the habit .

Relatives, friends, colleagues can not worry about e-cigarette users health. e-cigarette is absolutely safe for the environment.

Electronic cigarette quality products , which can successfully replace conventional tobacco products. Current E-cigarette brands have many advantages, including:

  • almost complete absence of effects on human health;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • stylish design;
  • attractive price.

Rate the quality and the main effects from the use of e-Cigarette, and you no longer have to wonder whether electronic cigarettes are safe!